Team building

“What I am today indicates
what I have learned, but not my potential!”
Virginia Satir

My job is to recognize, encourage and promote the potential of individual team members.

A team is a group of at least two interacting persons who have committed themselves to shared goals and work together efficiently, effectively, responsibly, and willingly. I offer you the opportunity to shape your team into a unified whole, too.

A team will be successful in the long run when all members:

  • share a vision, have the same goals
  • know what the team stands for
  • are connected with each other through a foundation of shared values
  • share wholesome convictions
  • dispose of the required competencies
  • display team building behaviors
  • are in an environment that is helpful or at least not harmful
    (Robert Dilts, 1983)

In order for you to work with a sustainably successful team in the future, I offer you customized teambuilding workshops. These will capitalize on the resources of your team members in the long term, create a foundation of shared values, and make collaboration more efficient, productive and appreciative.

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