“Problem talk creates problems,
solution talk creates solutions”.

Steve de Shazer

Did you ever think about how nice it would be if there was a kind of coaching that gives you the opportunity to get out of your own head? To look at and examine your own perceptions from a different perspective for a change? Impartially, without anyone giving you a piece of well-meaning advice?

Systemic coaching is an optional, confidential and result-oriented counselling service, supporting people’s further development with various methods and relying on the individual’s very own self-development capability in the process.


Among others, systemic coaching is suited:

  • for setting and accomplishing goals
  • for implementing trained modes of behavior
  • in case of inner conflict and self-doubts
  • for solving management problems
  • for breaking certain behavioral patterns
  • for finding a “work-life balance”
  • in case of challenging professional or personal situations
  • for self-motivation and self-assessment

dvct Zertifizierungslogo coach RGBsAs a certified systemic coach, I help you to funnel your attention calmly and purposefully during change processes, to look at your options from different perspectives when decisions are to be made, to draw upon your own resources and potentials, and to define and accomplish valid goals.


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